988 - Ezy Pro Brace Gymnast Wrist Supports


Features & Benefits

Ezy Pro Brace Gymnast Wrist
  • Breathable padded material
  • Palmar Pad is detachable enabling the palm of the hand to be exposed during strenuous Gymnastic Activities
  • Provides strong wrist support while in Wrist Extension and Hyper-Extension
  • Fits left and right hand and sold as a pair
  • Hook-and-loop closure for rapid application

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      Product Information

      Ezy Wrap designed the Ezy Pro Brace Gymnast Wrist to help relieve and prevent wrist pain during pommel horse exercise training by providing strong support in wrist extension and hyper-extension.

      The following exercises are best used with the palmar pad attached: floor exercise, vault, mushroom, ends of pommel horse, and all other events where the surface is flat.

      The following exercises are best used without the palmar pad attached: p-bars, pommel horse, balance beam, and all other apparatus requiring the palm to be exposed.

      Check out these studies done by the University of Oregon and the American Journal of Sports Medicine about the Ezy Pro Brace Gymnast Wrist.


      Step-by-step guide on how to apply the product included with purchase. 

      Click here to view product instructions pdf.

      Patent No. 

      U.S. Patent No. 4,881,533