First Ice® and First Gel®

My dog ate my First Ice® or First Gel pack® - Should I be worried?  

First Ice®, First Gel®, Q4 First Ice Cryotherapy Packs, and Ezy Gel packs are all non-toxic. We do not anticipate any side effects if ingested. However, if any side effects arise, please immediately contact a veterinarian or a healthcare professional for assistance.


What is the best way to store First Ice® or First Gel® when I am not using them?  

To maximize the life cycle of our First Ice® and First Gel® packs, storing them in a cool, dry, dark place at room temperature is best.


What is the best way to dispose of First Ice® or First Gel® when I no longer need it?  

All of our First Ice® and First Gel® products are non0toxic and can be disposed of in your household trash.


What is the average life cycle of your First Ice® and Gel products?  

Our Q4 First Ice Cryotherapy Packs last, on average, about 60 freeze cycles when following best practices, and Ezy Gel lasts about 90 freeze cycles when following best practices.


What is the difference between the Direct Stick™ Packs and the Legacy Hot or Cold Therapy Packs?  

The main difference between the two is the method in which you use the packs. The legacy hot or cold therapy packs can be used as a traditional ice or hot gel pack wrapped in a towel and placed directly on the skin. At the same time, the Direct Stick™ packs have two hook pieces that allow the hot or cold pack to be applied directly to most our orthopedic braces for pain management. The black barrier on the Direct Stick™ packs can be placed directly against the skin without experiencing cold-shock or burns.



What is the difference between Ezy Wrap and Professional Products, Inc. (PPI)?

Our company name is PPI and the major brand that we have manufactured and sold to doctors, hospitals, and patients since 1963 is called Ezy Wrap. This name reflects your ease of ordering and applying our products.


What is Ezy Wrap's mission?  

Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative, high-value orthopedic supports and braces. Our products set the standard for quality, comfort, durability, and integrated cold therapy, enabling favorable patient outcomes from prevention to post-operative recovery. Our unwavering commitment to total customer satisfaction and consumer confidence drives our continuous focus.


    Do I have to be a doctor or physician to purchase a product? 

    No, we are authorized to sell directly to the patient. 


    How do I place an order?  

    This can be done via our website or by contacting our customer service department at 1-800-234-9004 and speaking with a representative. 


    What are your Customer Service hours?  

    Monday - Friday 7am - 4:30pm CST 


    Do you bill to insurance companies?  

    PPI does not bill insurance companies. We sell directly to the patient. The patient can then take the invoice received with our product and turn it into the insurance company for reimbursement. 


    What do I do if I've ordered the wrong product?  

    Contact customer service immediately and request a return authorization number to return the product. Please see returns policy here.


    How can I get HCPCS codes for a product that I've ordered?  

    The suggested HCPCS code is printed on the product's label, found near the bottom of the label, and identified as Suggested LCODE. The code (if one is suggested) is immediately after this verbiage. You can also find the HCPCS code featured in the individual product listing on our website.


    Is PPI a manufacturer or a distributor?  

    PPI is both a manufacturer and distributor of our products. For more information about Professional Products, Inc., please visit their website at www.professionalproducts.us 


    What is the cut-off time for ordering and shipping the same day?  

    In-stock off-the-shelf orders placed before 11:00 am CST ship same day.

    Custom and make-to-order products ship within 3-5 business days unless otherwise specified.

    Orders placed during the weekend and holidays are processed the following business day.

    Contact Customer Service for any special shipping or order requirements.


    Can I wash the wrap?  

    The best way to care for Ezy Wrap's orthopedic wraps and braces is to practice the following:
    Hand wash using a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly. Lay flat and air dry only. Do not tumble dry or wring any excessive water from the wrap.