About Us

Company Profile | Who we are historically, tactically, strategically


Founded in 1963 by Bob Kilbey, our company was born out of a vision for enhanced quality and usability in healthcare. Bob's patent for hook-and-loop closure in orthopedic wraps and supports shaped our brand, Ezy Wrap. Inspired by customer appreciation for our user-friendly products, we remain dedicated to simplicity, comfort, and convenience.

We have grown from a single-window store in Northwest Florida to a global manufacturing and distribution corporation. Our relentless commitment to innovation places patient outcomes, comfort, and customer value at the forefront. We lead the market in integrated hot and cold therapy, utilizing our patented formula and delivery method, along with advanced material science, for optimal user comfort and patient outcomes.

Our goal is to surpass the clinical expectations of doctors and patients by delivering superior, easy-to-use, innovative products. Through vertically integrated US operations, an entrepreneurial spirit, and operational agility, we foster innovation and adaptability to meet the evolving needs of the medical community. 

Above all, we prioritize the highest quality and customer satisfaction. Our products adhere to the ISO 13845:2016 QMS for Medical Devices standard for quality and testing. When you choose Ezy Wrap, you can trust our unwavering dedication to patient outcomes and commitment to customer value.

Vision | Our Future Goal

We aim to be the leading innovator in orthopedic supports and braces, integrating cutting-edge technologies that are easy to use and improve patient outcomes and customer value. We accelerate towards this goal through vertically integrated operations in the US, an entrepreneurial spirit, and operational agility.

Mission | How We Operate 

We develop and deliver innovative high-value orthopedic supports and braces. Our products set the standard for quality, comfort, durability, and integrated cold therapy, enabling favorable patient outcomes from prevention to post-operative recovery. Our unwavering commitment to total customer satisfaction and consumer confidence drives our continuous focus. 

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Corporate Headquarters, DeFuniak Springs, FL