7370 - Advanced Elbow Therapy System


Features & Benefits

Name  Characteristics
7370 Advanced Elbow
Compression Wrap

Direct Stick™ Compatible Only


  • First Ice® and First Gel® Direct Stick™ Hot or Cold Therapy application directly to the wrap
  • Integrated sleeve allows for true single-handed application
  • Single-piece construction with quick-assist tabs for ease of application
  • Compressive material construction
  • Universal sizing and dexterity to optimize inventory
  • Non-neoprene hypoallergenic material and soft edges for user comfort

Products subject to one or more of the following patents and pending patent applications:

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      Product Information

      Ezy Wrap designed our Advanced Elbow Compression Wrap as the premiere hot or cold therapy elbow system. This unique, universal, single-piece design offers maximal mobility in a safe, hypo-allergenic single-hand application wrap that includes a comfortable ultra-soft interface.

      Our patented First Ice® and First Gel® Direct Stick™ packs allow for accurate, targeted, therapeutic placement of our patented Direct Stick™ packs on our convenient universal elbow wrap. As a result, our joint-targeted hot or cold therapy system is simple to apply, reapply and rotate between user and freezer without any special considerations.

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      Step-by-step guide on how to apply the product included with purchase. 

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      Patent Number

      9,039,747 and Other Patents Pending