4786, 4787 - Ezy Gel Cryotherapy Bags


Features & Benefits

 Model Name

4x6" Ezy Gel Cryotherapy Bag


4x12" Ezy Gel Cryotherapy Bag


6"x12" Ezy Gel Cryotherapy Bag


  • Cryotherapy helps to mitigate the need for opioid-centric post-op treatments
  • Heat Therapy helps with chronic pain and muscle soreness

Product Information

Ezy Gel Cryotherapy non-toxic bags are microwavable for heat therapy and remain pliable when frozen. This pliability allows the Ezy Gel bag to conform to your shape and provide constant cryotherapy to the effected area on your body. The Ezy Gel bags are available in sizes 4x6", 4x12", and 6x12".


Step-by-step guide on how to apply the product included with purchase. Instructions are printed directly on the Gel Bag.