450 - Inferior Patella Stabilizer


Features & Benefits

 Model Name Characteristics HCPCS Code
450 Inferior 
Patella Stabilizer
  • Repositionable hook-and-loop compatible silicone inferior patellar buttress for customizable support
  • Soft and breathable materials for compression and comfort
  • Anti-migration elements to minimize slippage
  • Non-neoprene hypoallergenic material with soft edges for user comfort


Size Chart

Product Information

Ezy Wrap designed our Inferior Patella Stabilizer to be exceedingly comfortable and of remarkably high quality. The silicone inferior patellar pad is hook-and-loop compatible and repositionable to customize for a patient's anatomy. We use a breathable non-neoprene hypoallergenic material that keeps the patient cool and with anti-migration elements to minimize slippage during extended use.


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Step-by-step guide on how to apply the product, included with purchase. 

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This product listed is listed under the corresponding Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) code and as such is not approved by PDAC. As the manufacturer, we recommend the following code: A4467