0200 - First Gel® Direct Stick™


Features & Benefits

 Model Name Patent No.
First Gel® Direct Stick™ 11,650,017
  • Versatile: Can deliver hot or cold therapy with any wrap or compatible product.
  • Longer Lasting: Improved formula delivers 2+ hours of cooling on the 1st application, outlasting competitors.
  • Soft and Malleable: Remains soft and malleable when frozen, ensuring ease of use and patient comfort.

Product Information

First Gel® sets a new standard in gel therapy, offering both hot and cold therapy capabilities in a single product. Our groundbreaking formula remains soft and malleable even when frozen, providing exceptional comfort and targeted pain relief.

But what truly sets First Gel® apart is its remarkable longevity. It outlasts any other gel on the market, ensuring that you receive enduring relief and value for your investment. Discover the future of gel therapy with First Gel® – where lasting comfort meets versatile pain relief.


Step-by-step guide on how to apply the product included with purchase. 

Click here to view product instructions pdf.