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Protect your ankle from sprains and strains by wearing a brace for sports. Most sports involve a lot of jumping and running which can result in a rolled ankle. We offer a wide variety of support from mild, moderate to maximum protection. Choose from different types of braces: elastic, neoprene, latex-free, rigid, medical and more. If you’ve already suffered an injury, get the extra support you need as you recover. Our products are designed with functional recovery in mind meaning you can keep moving while wearing a comfortable brace to help support your ligaments while you heal.

Liberty DSO Ankle BraceLiberty DSO Ankle Brace Ezywrap726726

Liberty DSO Ankle Brace

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Get protection for your ankle now without the restriction found in other braces. Competitors’ braces are designed to keep your ankle from moving. This is not good because your ankle will get weak and cause atrophy which actually increases your chance of injury. Our brace is designed with a “stop” function that keeps your ankle from going into the “critical” zone (the area where injuries occur), while at the same time allowing you unrestricted range of motion (keeps your ankle strong!!). For extra protection, get the Pro Matrix version.
Liberty DSO Pro Matrix Ankle BraceLiberty DSO Pro Matrix Ankle Brace Ezywrap10541054

Liberty DSO Pro Matrix Ankle Brace

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Get protection for your ankle and help prevent ankle sprain now without the restriction found in other braces. Prevent ankle sprains effectively. Competitive brace designs inhibit the normal movement of your ankle. The restrictive nature of these designs leads to muscle weakness and atrophy (muscle deterioration) which actually increases your chances of a sprained ankle. The Liberty DSO™ uses a “dynamic” strapping design. Why is this so important to you? Because it gives you:
  • a more natural step,
  • an unobstructed range of motion,
  • and active muscle participation,
  • while keeping your ankle from reaching the “critical zone” (the position most sprained ankles occur).

See how an AAU Athlete’s father is preventing ankle sprain:

We are out at UNC-Duke-NC State. My daughter actually wore the braces in every game. Frankly I am amazed she did, but very glad. She is finicky, so the braces must be good on the range of motion or she would be complaining about how bad they feel... It's great that she is now protected from a roll. I have seen a lot of girls wear braces on this trip... many of the braces are bulky and awkward looking, but not hers. - Terry M., Midvale, UT

Unlike the competitors’ braces, our Pro Matrix™ version is designed to be worn over a sock OR against the skin. This feature permits a more intimate fit, providing additional protection against a sprained ankle and direct contact with the shoe (a source of unnecessary wear). The intricate matrix pattern on the inside of the brace assists in maintaining it’s position on your leg, eliminating the constant readjustment found in other braces or the annoying loosening of tape.

You don't tape over a sock, so why brace over one? Don’t waste your time on braces that weaken your ankle and actually contribute to ankle sprain. Buy the Liberty DSO™ now.

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Cirrus Ankle Brace with Inflatable Air Bladder"Cirrus" Ankle Brace with Inflatable Air Bladder Ezywrap690690

"Cirrus" Ankle Brace with Inflatable Air Bladder

Product Rating:
The comfort and therapeutic value of air cradles the injured ankle within impact resistant contoured shells in our “Cirrus” stirrup brace.

Pre-inflated air bladders help control swelling. The stirrup design allows normal range of motion while providing excellent support.

This is an excellent choice for the injured ankle. Don’t delay.
Robust Stirrup Ankle Brace"Robust" Stirrup Ankle Brace Ezywrap691691

"Robust" Stirrup Ankle Brace

Product Rating:
This is our most popular model.

The semi-rigid, impact resistant shells, with cotton covered memory foam padding comfortably and securely protect your injured ankle.
The stirrup design allows normal range of motion while providing excellent support. Velcro® closure for ease of application.

Please don’t hesitate, see why this is our most popular ankle stirrup.
Air-Gel Stirrup Ankle BraceAir-Gel Stirrup Ankle Brace Ezywrap708708

Air-Gel Stirrup Ankle Brace

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All the features of our popular “Cirrus” stirrup support with the addition of restorative gel padding. The air-gel padding provides support and controls bruising and swelling while allowing unhindered range of motion. Contact us today and wear this support tomorrow.
Ankle Sprain Management KitAnkle Sprain Management Kit Ezywrap709709

Ankle Sprain Management Kit

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Our ankle sprain management kit is ideal for home use. The kit provides effective treatment for patients with ankle instability or chronic swelling. Video details treatment of the injury. The kit contains one of our popular ankle braces for support, a bandage and ezy gel cryotherapy bag to manage swelling, and a Theraband® exercise band for rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise video. The ankle sprain management kit is a complete, convenient and proven home treatment, act now.
Find an ankle brace to support your ankle and help alleviate pain when you play sports.

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