"Yesterday I called your company and spoke to a wonderful rep named Patricia. I relayed a problem I had with one of the foam casts made by your company. Let me back track a bit, my 13 year old son recently fractured his leg at school and at our local hospital's emergency room his leg was put in one of your company's foam casts. By the way, we found it easy and comfortable to use and very helpful in keeping his fractured leg immobile and still had the convenience of removing the cast from time to time for personal hygiene and examination. Anyways, one of the clips on the velcro strip happened to break and I didn't know where to get a new one. We went so far as purchasing another foam cast (from another company) and tried using that - but my son said it just wasn't comfortable and it was such a hassle to put on/off."

"Fortunately, I saw the tag on your cast that gave your website address and that's how I found your toll-free number. Not only was Patricia pleasant and friendly - but she was also courteous and professional. She actually contacted a supervisor to see if she could locate me JUST the velcro strip I needed (instead of having to order the whole cast). She took my name/phone number - and within minutes called me back to let me know that they had found an available strip and would gladly send it to me "free of charge". She reassured me that it would be shipped immediately."

"I am so very grateful for her help!!! My son's injury has been a traumatic experience for him and a cause of much anxiety for us, as parents. He will be missing the last month of school and probably much of the summer, recuperating. It's nice and reassuring to know that he'll atleast have a cast that is comfortable and easy to handle. That your company would provide us with this part without requiring a fee, is gracious of you..and we appreciate it, sincerely."

"We can tell - just by the handling of this 'small situation'...what kind of quality company you are - and what kind of quality people you hire to represent your company on your customer service lines. Please---if there happens to be only one "Patricia" on your phone rep staff - and you can identify who I spoke with..(she had a southern accent! hahaha if THAT helps any!)---please give her a heartfelt THANK YOU from me."

"Great work Amber. You really went out of your way to get the answers about the inserts that fit into your L/S supports."

Thanks again.
Ron S., Tampa, FL

"I am a vascular surgeon in San Diego, California. I recently started using the ezywrap Bandages and the patient response has been overwhelming. I use elastic bandages almost on a daily basis for sclerotherapy patients who require one week of compression after each series of vein injections. The patients are required to re-wrap the elastic bandages on a daily basis and they are delighted with the Velcro which greatly facilitates this process. My clinic nurse is also happy not to have any more of those sharp clips sticking her fingertips. I just wanted to let you know that I strongly endorse your product."

Best Regards,
Vincent J. Guzzetta, M.D.

"It is refreshing to find a company that stands by its product so completely and is so attentive to its clients. I sincerely thank you for your dedication to producing quality products."

Most sincerely yours,
S. Appel, Pharmacy/Purchaser

"I want to compliment Danielle on her excellent handling of a situation caused by FEDEX. She contact them, got the entire situation resolved and contacted me back with the resolution in record time. Danielle is a great customer service representative."

Thanks so much.
S. Ogle

"I have worn the 12" Economy Binder for about 7 days. It appears to be well constructed and snug; yet comfortable. I will from this point foreword purchase all my binders from this company. Thank you for the assistance."

With kind regards
J. Baird

"It is refreshing to find a company that stands by its product so completely and is so attentive to its clients. I sincerely thank you for your dedication to producing quality products."

Most sincerely yours,
S. Appel, Pharmacy/Purchaser

"I wanted to thank Donna for sending me the toe wedge for my night splint. My doctor had prescribed it but I couldn't even get it from the manufacturer and you were kind enough to send it to me. So, this thank you is sincere."

Thanks again
J. Cavalla

"Just received my order and I wanted to thank you! I have osteo-arthritus in my hips, I am wearing it right now and can already feel relief from the pain and stiffness! Thank you again for such a wonderful product! I will order again when necessary!"

S. Macik

"We are out at UNC-Duke-NC State. Makenzi actually wore the braces in every game. Frankly I am amazed she did, but very glad. She is finicky, so the braces must be good on the range of motion or she would be complaining about how bad they feel... It will protect her from a roll. I have seen a lot of girls wear braces on this trip as there are teams here from all over the country, many of the braces are bulky and awkward looking, but not hers."

Terry M., Midvale, UT

"Got my order from you yesterday. Just wanted to say thanks for having this site available to get your products. I first had one of your items from a doctors office a few years ago. When I was told I needed another brace, I found the old one and it had your tag on it. I put EZYWWRAP in the computer to search & found you. Your products are very good quality. My Physical Therapist wrote your name down so he could tell others about your site and they could buy from you. I could go on and on about your products but I will stop here and just say Thanks! I will be buying from you again."

S. L. Shull

"I called your customer service department about a product issue, and not only did they send me a replacement free of charge, they also included a return shipping label. This was the easiest product return ever!! I am also enjoying my elbow wrap. I am right handed and I am able to put the wrap on my right elbow with no problem. Being able to ice my elbow and still move around the house is awesome!"

Thank you

"I have a large 5" horizontal hernia due to a botched surgery and the binder has been instrumental in my comfort while I lose weight prior to fixing it. I can lead a normal life with normal activities and not have an "episode" with my stupid hernia."

Amazing customer service and response...I really appreciate it...
Kay P.

"I ordered a brace for my husband and it did not fit, because I ordered the wrong size … for someone with a belly. I called customer service and got the nicest rep I have ever dealt with. I’m sorry I don’t remember her name but she deserves a big “ATTA GIRL!” along with a pat on the back. She was so helpful in getting us the correct size. I hope you can look up the reorder and tell the rep she is doing a great job. The brace was delivered today and fits fine. "

Thanks for all the great service
S. Earnhardt

"Thank you for your help. Susie guided me through this for almost an hour this morning. I am hoping this is just as good if not better than the Donjoy neoprene open patella I ran the New Jersey marathon in. I am preparing to run the Vermont 50k at the end of September and need some extra support for the knee."

"I like what I ordered I also like your packageing technique Very Nice."

S. Baber

"I appreciate such great fast service. This is exactly what I needed. I wore it today and it really helped so much. I will wear this and make sure it's great and then I'll order some more from you. It wonderful to do business with such great people. You can tell a company by it's service and quality products."

Thanks again for everything.
P. Harrod  Richardson, TX

"Hi. I’m a Dedicated Service Manager for my company and I called today to find out if a purchase order of mine had shipped and Donna, your service rep is the one that helped me. I really believe that she went above and beyond to help me on this situation. She went the extra mile for me. So I just wanted to let you know that and thank you very much and it was a pleasure doing business with your company"

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your company and Charity P. in particular for exceptional customer service. My daughter has used one of your braces for several years. We began having a problem... Ms. Prescott listened to me patiently and in conjunction with the company’s engineers helped us solve the problem. She was professional and efficient but also genuinely concerned about helping find a solution. Unfortunately, I have not experienced most companies and their employees to be so committed to helping customers... Thank you for making this brace and for your dedication to customer satisfaction."

Rhonda L. Conyers, GA

"Thank You and appreciate your very kind personality and prompt service."

J. Plooster, Material Handler II

"I am forwarding this to you because Brenda in Customer Service was so very helpful. Especially as this is the first time I have dealt with your firm. It certainly will not be the last as I use a lot of EZY-Wrap products."

Hillary B, Managing Director Barbados

"First let me say I am truly impressed with your customer service standards. Thank you for taking great care to make sure I'm taken care of and satisfied. It is rare these days to find companies that actually walk their talk. I will certainly return to your company for future needs, and will most assuredly refer anyone to you with great confidence...That's the icing on your service standards, and I'm sure sets you apart from others!... Again, thank you so much for going above and beyond! I am so glad I choose ezywrap.com to do business with and will recommend your company and this support to my chiropractor. THANK YOU!"

R. Ziller

"I received the arm sling and am very pleased with it. It is much more comfortable than my other one and I can actually put it on by myself!!!!Again, thanks for all your help."


"I am blown away. Let me get this straight, you 1) Communicated every step of the way, 2) Met the request, 3) Met the timeframes, and 4) Solved (very creatively) a new problem which popped up. Sounding like a broken ...but FANTASTIC response from PPI on this. I am getting spoiled by your attentiveness. This is "Wow" service, and I am sincerely grateful."

Bowen Medical Supply, Minneanapolis, MN

Just a note to let you know how outstanding your representative has been to me ... She was extremely informative, courteous and was kind enough to send instructions ... A big Thank You!!

Ann H. North Carolina

My daughter, Lauren, said to THANK YOU for the Liberty DSO ankle braces. She said they kept her from breaking her ankle last night during a game! She landed on it, it started to twist but the brace stopped her. She was able to shake it off and her ankle wasn’t sore after the game!

Thank You!
Michelle, Tampa, FL

Hello Suzie,
I wanted you to know that the new gel packs are working great. I also wanted to thank you for all your help and understanding of my situation. You and your co-workers make life a little easier for me ...

Thanks again,

I call Professional Products it’s wonderful to have such wonderful people answering my calls – they are always helpful and just pleasant as can be. I just wanted to let you know that you have a lot of great people working for you.

Walt C.
Baptist Medical Park Surgery Center

I just wanted to put in a compliment for two of your employees that were extremely helpful, pleasant and accommodating: Susie and Lisa. Both of them helped me out. They were extremely, extremely pleasant and I appreciate their kindness. They are indeed an asset to your company.

S. Herskovits
Healthcare Professional

I want to ensure that Karissa's outstanding service does not go unnoticed. Although the back brace I purchased ended up not meeting the needs of my particular condition and I am unfortunately returning it, through the purchase process as well as the return process Karissa has provided me with prompt, personal and courteous attention.

From the first time I attempted to set up an account at your website, she has come to my aid. In her email, she offered her phone number and this allowed me the opportunity to call her and immediately order the item I needed! Karissa personally took my order over the telephone and I was so delighted with the speed at which the brace was shipped.

When I needed her assistance in learning the return process, I emailed Karissa last night and her response was in my email box within mere hours. Her email attended to my questions in a directly helpful and orderly fashion. Her reply provided me with all the information I require. Karissa is the kind of intelligent and valuable employee every company seeks to have, but not all companies are that fortunate. Your firm is exceptionally fortunate to have Karissa representing your company to the public.

I'm not someone who ordinarily writes such notes but in this case I really wanted to sing her praises. :-)


Suzanne S.

“Josette really helped me! She was very kind and helpful and an asset to your company. Sometimes I feel like calling and talking to you guys when I have a bad call from another supplier! I really like talking to your company and I’ve never had a bad experience. Thank you!”

– S. Brooken

I tried on the product this morning & it is great...better than any other one I've tried in the past. It is a great product.

-Philadelphia, PA

Thank you for taking care of our issue with the air/gel bags for my daughter’s ankle brace. It is so refreshing to have a company that really stands behind their products.

- Phyllis M.
- Marion, IL

I had a new order from longtime family practice MD friend of mine last nihgt & I spoke with Cody early this morning. The Doctor had several questions, and a few unique requests on the order that Cody had to get approval for. He fielded them with a "whatever-it-takes-to-please-my-local-client" attitude.

Cody always has a good demeanor and is very helpful when we call in with orders, questions, and unusual requests from clients.

Kind regards,

Dear Natalie,
Okay, young lady: you have made my day. How thoughtful you are. It is a reflection of your parents and other who affected your up-bringing. It was my lucky day when you answered my phone call. My arthritis, fibromyalgia, pinched nerve, and my 82 year-old body thanks you from the bottom of my aged heart.

Mrs. H. Staley