Why MicrobeCare ?

MicrobeCare Bonded Antimicrobial

  1. Covalent Bond to Surface – Residual killing power remains on surface even after daily cleaning.
  2. Non Leaching – Once applied, perfectly safe for children and elderly.
  3. Electrostatic Application – 360 degree wrap around technology 100% surface coverage, quickly applied.
  4. Inhibits creation of “Super Bugs” - Destroys microbes using a mechanical/electrical kill.
  5. Proven Medical Industry Track Record –Published in AJIC, currently treated on medical equipment and devices.

Disinfectants & Antimicrobials in the Market

  1. Not Bonded to Surface – Killing power wears off and rubs off, must be reapplied.
  2. Leaches Off – Solution leaches into environment, can be harmful to children and elderly.
  3. Spray and Wipe Application – High volume of product used and wasted, chance of missing infected surfaces, time intensive to apply.
  4. Creation of “Super Bugs”- Microbe adaptation to chemical kill creates super bugs in the environment.
  5. Unproven Industry Track Record – No published efficacy, not as accepted in other medical applications.