Braces and Supports for Tennis

Tennis is a great sport for individuals of all ages. It is low-impact and non-contact, great even for older athletes. However, like with all sports, the risk for injury is possible especially in the knee, ankle, or elbow. The side to side movement (lateral), quick stops, fast starts, and changes in direction puts tennis players at a risk for ligament tears, cartilage tears, knee sprains, or sprained ankles. Repetitive stress injuries to the elbow, which causes Tennis Elbow, can occur due to the many repeated powerful swings a player outputs during the course of a tennis match. Wearing tennis braces can help protect against ankle and knee injuries during a match. They offer compression and stability to the knee or ankle to help alleviate pain and stress.


Protect your body and prevent tennis injuries with braces for tennis players from tennis elbow supports to knee, ankle, and wrist braces from mild to maximum support.

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