FirstICE Cryotherapy

Cold therapy is one of the very first steps in post-workout recovery and during injury. Ice packs and cold compresses help with reducing swelling and inflammation. Shop our large selection of reusable cryotherapy bags, cryotherapy wraps, cryotherapy immpbilizers, cryotherapy shoulder wraps, cryotherapy hip wraps, cryotherapy back wraps, and more as your body recovers.

Hip Wraps

Cryotherapy Hip Wrap is designed to help manage pain and promote healing.

Q4 FirstIce Cryotherapy Bags

Reusable FirstICE Cryotherapy Bags for the relief of pain following surgery and benefical during rehabilitation.

Knee Wraps & Immobilizers

Shop our selection of reusable FirstICE packs for knee wraps and immobilizers.Read more..

Cryotherapy Wraps

Shop for FirstICE packs that fit specific parts of the body like ankle, knee, shoulder and more.Read more..

Breast & Lumbosacral Wraps

Whether you've injured your back or have chronic low back pain, cold and hot therapy are good ways to help alleviate pain, back spasms, or swelling and inflammation.Read more..

Shoulder Wraps & Immobilizers

Cold therapy helps reduce the pain, swelling and inflammation associated with shoulder injuries and post-op shoulder surgery.Read more..

FirstICE Cryotherapy

First Ice is the evolutionary cold therapy that stays 40 degrees for up to 4 hours! Shop for ice packs that fit specific parts of the body like ankle, knee, shoulder and more.

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