Cold Therapy Knee Wraps

Most knee injuries can treated with "RICE":
  • Rest: Rest means keeping off the injured knee as much as possible. Crutches enable the patient to move about when necessary without placing weight on the injury. A cast or splint may be applied to the knee for support and severe sprains occasionally require a hard cast.
  • Icing: Icing, cold therapy to stimulate blood flow and relieve the pain associated with inflammation. Cold therapy should be applied several times over the course of the day.
  • Compression: Compression means supporting the knee with a firmly (not tightly) wrapped elastic bandage, compression stocking, or gel wrap. If swelling causes the bandage to become tight, it should be loosened immediately.
  • Elevating: Elevating the knee minimizes bruising and swelling. This should be done as often as possible during the first 48 hours.

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