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Cryovest - Industrial

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The Cryovest Industrial is a cooling vest suitable for all types of workers exposed to high heat during their professional activities. It fits perfectly with the technical requirements of a professional garment and high quality PPE.

It can be worn by workers in the steel, metallurgy, firefighters, employees catering, in construction, agriculture and in all areas where workers face a significant thermal stress.

With its High Performance Cold technology, our cooling jacket allows firstly to restore cognitive function of workers exposed to high temperatures, improving alertness and safety. It also improves comfort at work by reducing the thermal stress due to its unique design allows freedom of movement and lightness.
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Cryovest - Medical

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The Cryovest Medical is a cooling jacket that has been specifically designed for the sick and weakened people such as the elderly or people suffering from the heat. Lighter and shorter, it is easy to put on and leaves great freedom of movement.

Thanks to its high performance refrigeration technology, not aggressive, the Medical Cryovest allows people suffering from heat to live better.

It also allows certain patients such as those with multiple sclerosis to continue to be physically active.

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Cryovest - Sport

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The Cryovest Sport is a cooling vest adapted to sportsmen in case of significant heat. Heat and sport do not always seem compatible, however, with this jacket thermoregulation training or competitions can be prosecuted.

It can be used in pre-cooling during physical preparation: Before a sports competition during your warm up. The Cryovest Sport is also used in post-cooling phase to increase your physical recovery.

The refrigerant Cryovest jacket is now part of the equipment of the sports elite. The cryovest is the lightest in its class, 4.2 lbs. It is also the only one to guarantee constant cold, around 0° C for over 90 min.

Cryovest is a high-performance refreshing vest designed for athletes, professionals working under extreme heat and for certain sick or frail people.

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