Shoulder Instability
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Instability of the shoulder is commonly the consequence of a trauma that causes dislocation. As a result, the ligaments that maintain the shoulder in its socket become lax or torn. This allows the shoulder to sublux (slip out of joint) and become a source of shoulder pain.

Frequently shoulder instability or laxity is the result of overhead repetitive motions. These motions stretch out the joint capsule which can lead to recurrent subluxation or dislocation.
Symptoms include:
  • Subluxation which causes shoulder pain and a snapping sound when arm and hand are raised.
  • Dislocation with shoulder pain and distortion of the shoulder joint.
  • Shoulder pain with movement and numbness on the outside of the arm.
  • Muscle weakness from nerve damage
Non-surgical treatment
  • Protection from further injury with a brace or sling.
  • Rest, limiting movement of the injury as much as possible.
  • Cold therapy to stimulate blood flow and relieve the shoulder pain associated with inflammation. Cold therapy should be applied several times over the course of the day.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) such as Ibuprofen, Motrin, Naprosyn and Celebrex may be used to decrease shoulder pain. Be sure to talk to your doctor before starting these medications.
  • Rehabilitation to strengthen muscles surrounding the injury.
Surgical treatment
  • The Bankart repair is the most common surgical procedure to stabilize anterior shoulder instability. The damaged ligaments (usually the front ligaments) are stapled or sewn back into place.
  • A capsular shift uses a flap of the joint capsule to stabilize the shoulder.

Recommended Products for Shoulder Instability

ACO Acromioclavicular OrthosisACO Acromioclavicular Orthosis Ezywrap10981098

ACO Acromioclavicular Orthosis

Product Rating:
The ACO™ addresses the isolated acromio-clavicular injury. Fabricated from ourproprietary non-neoprene material it is lightweight and breathable, and has excellent stretch and compression. This low profile material minimizes bulk while providing additional control for the shoulder complex. The Velcro® compatible plastic AC pad with a foam relief cutout. is easily positioned to provide protection to the AC joint. The shoulder strap is adjustable and provides excellent compression upon the AC pad to ensure maximum protection.
Deluxe Elastic Shoulder ImmobilizerDeluxe Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer Ezywrap716716

Deluxe Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer

Product Rating:
Support and comfort are the hallmark of our deluxe latex free elastic shoulder immobilizer. The 6 inch, single panel elastic chest section is reinforced with polyethylene stays to provide gentle support and prevent rolling. The felt lined vinyl wrist and arm cuffs help maintain optimum position, while our ezywrap® Velcro® closures allow for ease of application. Model 1450 is contoured for female patients and both models are also available in beige. Order today and see the features this product has to offer.
Elastic Shoulder ImmobilizerElastic Shoulder Immobilizer Ezywrap720720

Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer

Product Rating:
This is the number one seller in this category! This 4 inch single panel latex free elastic chest section is reinforced with polyethylene stays to provide gentle support and prevent rolling. The felt lined vinyl wrist and arm cuffs help maintain optimum position, while our ezywrap® Velcro® closures allow for ease of application. See what makes this such a popular immobilizer.
Grey Foam Split Strap Post-Op Compression Cryotherapy Shoulder WrapGrey Foam Split Strap Post-Op Compression Cryotherapy Shoulder Wrap Ezywrap759759

Grey Foam Split Strap Post-Op Compression Cryotherapy Shoulder Wrap

Product Rating:
The "Split Strap" design of this wrap was specially designed to accommodate the female anatomy. The shoulder gel bag pockets are contoured for maximum fit while the Cloth interface protects the skin. The additional bicep compression strap helps maintain optimal position. Either two, four, or six ezy Gel bags are provided. (While using two bags, you can have two more in the freezer ready when the others run out of cold). These bags are not just for cold therapy, but are also microwavable for heat therapy. If you are having symptoms from impingement syndrome, arthroscopy, rotator cuff surgery, bursitis, etc., this product will reduce that pain. Click below and add this item to your cart.
Semi Universal Shoulder ImmobilizerSemi Universal Shoulder Immobilizer Ezywrap738738

Semi Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

Product Rating:
This all foam support is certainly our most comfortable. The reinforced foam chest section and arm/wrist bands are fully adjustable and close with our ezywrap® Velcro® closures. The 1 1/2 inch padded strap may also be used as a hand loop. Order today and feel the comfort tomorrow. Due to our continuing product enhancement process, this item may differ slightly from the image shown. please call customer service for any questions.
Shoulder ImmobilizerShoulder Immobilizer Ezywrap740740

Shoulder Immobilizer

Product Rating:
Quality and economy. A sturdy twill cradle design pocket contours from hand to wrist for excellent fit and comfort, while the integrated thumb loop aids in positioning the arm and maintains the hand in a neutral position. Complemented by 1 1/2 inch padded body and shoulder straps, this immobilizer provides outstanding support and value. Act now.
SSO Shoulder Stabilizing OrthosisSSO Shoulder Stabilizing Orthosis Ezywrap10761076

SSO Shoulder Stabilizing Orthosis

Product Rating:
Designed with the extensive input of athletic trainers, the SSO™ can facilitate, restrain or restrict a multiple array of injuries based on the specific needs of the patient’s injury.
Functional stability is provided by the SSO™ from the utilization of dynamic strapping. The dynamic straps limit, restrict or assist the movement of the shoulder joint in practically any direction.
Shoulder instability is a common shoulder injury. Shop our selection of braces and supports for shoulder instability.

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