Cryotherapy Wraps

Injured or sprained ankle? Rest. Ice. Compress. Elevate. Make sure you use cold therapy for your road to recovery. Shop a variety of reusuable FirstICE packs and cold wraps.

FirstIce Cryotherapy Wrap 1 PocketFirstICE Cryotherapy Wrap 1 Pocket Ezywrap874874

FirstICE Cryotherapy Wrap 1 Pocket

Product Rating:
For the relief of pain following surgery. Benefical during rehabilitation.
FirstIce Compression Ankle WrapFirstICE Compression Ankle Wrap Ezywrap880880

FirstICE Compression Ankle Wrap

Product Rating:
Reduces pain and swelling due to sprained ankles, inflamed tendons, surgery or trauma to the ankle.
Shop for FirstICE packs that fit specific parts of the body like ankle, knee, shoulder and more.

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