Foam Abductors

Anti-Clotting Abduction PillowAnti-Clotting Abduction Pillow Ezywrap821821

Anti-Clotting Abduction Pillow

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This Velcro® compatible foam hip abduction pillow features an innovative design which allows a patient to exercise their foot while maintaining the required abduction position. A unique heel elevation component reduces the risk of decubitus ulcers and the comfortable foam straps secure with Velcro®. A revolutionary product, try one today.
Abduction Pillow Double StrapAbduction Pillow Double Strap Ezywrap819819

Abduction Pillow Double Strap

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Our most popular foam hip abduction pillow features either straight, or contoured sides for comfort. Double foam straps secure with Velcro® and comfortably maintain optimum position. Innovative design permits wheelchair use. See why this is our most popular abduction pillow.
Abduction Pillow Single StrapAbduction Pillow Single Strap Ezywrap818818

Abduction Pillow Single Strap

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Used for abduction after hip surgery. Complete leg support and immobilization of the hips and legs. May be used while in wheelchair to prevent scissoring.
Reusable Abduction PillowReusable Abduction Pillow Ezywrap820820

Reusable Abduction Pillow

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Our model 4000 foam hip abduction pillow features a durable, removable vinyl cover and comfortable polyester Kodel® liners. The Velcro® compatible straps are also Kodel® lined to provide maximum comfort and hip position. Comfort and support are a click away.
Foot Abductor PillowFoot Abductor Pillow Ezywrap955955

Foot Abductor Pillow

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Used To protect or position following injury or surgery.
Foam abductors for the head, neck, arm, leg, foot, and shoulder.

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