Shoulder Abduction Systems

Utilize a shoulder abduction system for post-operative recovery or if you have recently injured your shoulder. Immobilizing your shoulder is important in preventing further injury. Our bracing experts recommend the following immobilizers and slings to fully support your arm and shoulder.

ACO Acromioclavicular OrthosisACO Acromioclavicular Orthosis Ezywrap10981098

ACO Acromioclavicular Orthosis

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The ACO™ addresses the isolated acromio-clavicular injury. Fabricated from ourproprietary non-neoprene material it is lightweight and breathable, and has excellent stretch and compression. This low profile material minimizes bulk while providing additional control for the shoulder complex. The Velcro® compatible plastic AC pad with a foam relief cutout. is easily positioned to provide protection to the AC joint. The shoulder strap is adjustable and provides excellent compression upon the AC pad to ensure maximum protection.
Shoulder Arthroscopy Abduction System (SAAS)Shoulder Arthroscopy Abduction System (SAAS) Ezywrap739739

Shoulder Arthroscopy Abduction System (SAAS)

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Our economy SAAS incorporates a foam hand and forearm liner and a 1 1/2 inch web frame. Includes a 4 inch bandage to maintain the liner and frame for secure arm abduction. Call today.
SSO Shoulder Stabilizing OrthosisSSO Shoulder Stabilizing Orthosis Ezywrap10761076

SSO Shoulder Stabilizing Orthosis

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Designed with the extensive input of athletic trainers, the SSO™ can facilitate, restrain or restrict a multiple array of injuries based on the specific needs of the patient’s injury.
Functional stability is provided by the SSO™ from the utilization of dynamic strapping. The dynamic straps limit, restrict or assist the movement of the shoulder joint in practically any direction.
The Original Shoulder Abduction SystemThe Original Shoulder Abduction System Ezywrap745745

The Original Shoulder Abduction System

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Prescription Only

Our innovative shoulder abduction system provides either 55 or 70 degrees of abduction by simply rotating the brushed nylon covered soft wedge pillow. This anatomically designed product fits both male and female patients, is radiolucent and may be worn while sleeping. Detachable hand support and humeral cuffs provide a custom fit. Quick release buckles for ease of application. See why the original is still the best.
The Six ShooterThe Six Shooter Ezywrap746746

The Six Shooter

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Realize the superb support and control provided by our six shooter abduction system. A 35 degree Velcro® compatible, contoured foam wedge offers comfortable constant abduction, while our deep twill pocket with integrated thumb loop provides improved immobilization. Comfortably padded, adjustable 2 inch straps with quick release buckles compliment the system. Don’t delay, order today and see why this is our number one seller.
Shop our selection of shoulder immobilizers for post-injury or post-operative recovery.

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