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Medical walking boots are used to protect the foot and ankle after an injury or surgery. They are commonly used for stress fractures, shin splints, broken foot or ankle bones, and severe ankle sprains. Medical walking boots aid in the beginning of the rehabilitation process by stabilizing and protecting the area while it heals. As the foot or leg begins to heal, a walking brace slowly allows weight to be put onto the injured foot as the person transitions towards a full recovery. Your doctor may recommend a walking cast also known as an orthopedic walking boot instead of a full cast that will immobilize you.

Plantar Fasciitis Night SplintPlantar Fasciitis Night Splint Ezywrap727727

Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

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Our Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint holds the foot at a 90 degree angle and provides consistent stretching of the plantar fascia. The washable soft terrycloth padding assures a comfortable fit throughout the night. Velcro® closures for ease of application. Don’t hesitate and you can be sleeping pain free.
ezy Walkerezy Walker Ezywrap722722

ezy Walker

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The foundation of our ezy walker line is the low profile walker boot which helps to provide a more normal gait. The impact resistant, fixed, rigid walker with our contoured tricot lined softgoods and the Secure Lock System™ create the ultimate in support, comfort and ease of application. Our walkers are available in standard (16 inch) and low-top (10 inch) versions for left and right. Don’t hesitate, order conveniently on line.
Equalizer Premium Air WalkerEqualizer Premium Air Walker Ezywrap10471047

Equalizer Premium Air Walker

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Enjoy comfort and mobility while recovering from a lower-leg injury with the Equalizer Premium Air Walker! Ezywrap is proud to bring you a product that offers you the support you need with the comfort you desire, while allowing you to make the transition from crutches to walking unassisted with less discomfort.
Equalizer Low Top Air WalkerEqualizer Low Top Air Walker Ezywrap10481048

Equalizer Low Top Air Walker

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The Equalizer Low Top Air Walker is a popular low top ankle walker that is perfect for ankle sprains and fractures of the foot. This product has air cells inside surrounding the ankle joint to provide exceptional comfort and support compared to other "broken foot boot" products. This fracture boot is appropriate for various foot fractures and provides effective immobilization much like a broken foot cast for a patient. The foam lining can be easily removed for hand washing. The boot features a wide base for enhanced stability, and three velcro fasteners for quick and easy fitting.
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