Shoe Inserts

With 26 bones in each foot and many ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles, injuring your feet can severely affect your ability to carry out day-to-day activities or continue to stay active. We carry a wide selection of foot braces, sleeves, supports, heel cups, socks and more to help you heal, reduce pain, and keep you on your feet when you have a foot injury. From arch supports to plantar fasciitis night splints, supports for drop foot, diabetes, bunion splints, compression sleeves, and walking braces, we have the solution to bring your foot injury to recovery.

Arch SupportArch Support Ezywrap710710

Arch Support

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Our Freedom Hi-Impact Accommodator™ insert blends support and comfort with incredible durability. The energy-absorbing heel will withstand the most demanding activities. See why we are so sure these will be your next shoe inserts.
Blue Dot™ Heel CupsBlue Dot™ Heel Cups Ezywrap725725

Blue Dot™ Heel Cups

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Designed to cup the heel area to enhance the body’s ownnatural shock defense system, these heel cups are made of the highest qualitymedical grade silicone. A built-in “blue dot” pressure relief area helps toalleviate underfoot pain from plantar faciitis and other painful heelconditions.Excellent quality makes these a great value.
Puppeez Orthopaedic CushioningPuppeez Orthopaedic Cushioning Ezywrap732732

Puppeez Orthopaedic Cushioning

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A specifically formulated polymer to relieve heel pain. Puppeez heel spur pad has a removable teardrop for cushioning and abrasion resistant anti-bacterial fabric covering. Puppeez fit both left and right shoes. Contact us now for heel pain relief.
Choose from our arch supports and orthotics devices to help conditions such as plantar fascitis, heel spur, and all pain-generating foot conditions.

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